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Five Ways to Protect Your Home for the Holidays


Did you know that burglary rates?increase during the holiday season? Keep your home safe for the holidays no matter where you are celebrating with these simple tips and tricks:?

Don't Overshare?

Whether you’re traveling before, during, or after the holidays, avoid posting details?across your social media accounts. If you feel the need to share your experiences online, consider waiting to?post them?until you?get?home. Friends of friends across?the internet?may be able to look at your page while you’re away and know you're not home.?Sharing that?you won't be home for the holidays could potentially lead to a dangerous situation.?

Upgrade Your Security

One of the best features of a Blink security camera system?is that you can place your cameras?just about anywhere. For?higher security, add an extra camera and set it where you put the presents. Before you leave, make sure your Blink apps are up-to-date on all of your devices and test?your cameras by viewing the videos on the app.

Don’t?Put Your Christmas Tree by a?Window

It’s easy to spot where the presents are in many homes. Just look through living room window in the front of the house. There you’ll find many Christmas trees lit up for the entire neighborhood to see. Thieves know that where there are trees, there are presents. Instead of placing your tree by a window, try picking a spot that is not readily visible from the outside.

Hide?the Presents

Having presents under the tree is always fun. Your family or friends spend the entire time wondering what’s inside those boxes and bags. Guess what? So do burglars. If you give them several weeks to rob your house, they can formulate a plan. Your best bet is to wait until Christmas Eve?to bring your presents out. If you go on any trips before Christmas, make sure gifts are hidden away in your home.

Secure Your Garage

A primary entrance for a criminal is through the garage. Whether you own a home or are renting, it is a good idea to?have an additional Blink sensor and video in the garage. Face the camera and sensor toward the garage entrance. This way if a thief breaks in, you’ll still have plenty of time to call the cops before he or she gets into the house. If your garage door has windows, you may want to seal them up. Also, make sure the garage door lock is functioning properly.

For more tips on how you and your household can stay safe this holiday season, contact Blink. We can help secure your?home inside?out this holiday season.